Sunday, 24 March 2013

I'm back. Hoorah x x

Hello again my loves, I popped out briefly to check if the blog uploaded and to take a few pics. I can't believe how incredibly easy this is, I love, love, love it x

I just wanted to show you one of my birthday cards that I really like.....

I like it so much, I might even frame it :)

Okay, let's move on to the crochet.
A lovely lady at knit 'n' natter asked if any of us had any odd balls of yarn we no longer needed as a friend of hers was busy knitting toys for poorly children.
I dashed straight down to my shed and had a fab clear out (I'll show you a pic next time). I gave three big bags of oddments and brought a few in to the house for myself as I'm ready to take on a huge project!

It started like this....

I decided to use 20 different colours!!

I turned them into these....

315 beautiful colourful wheels. I tried sooo hard not to have two wheels the same!

I then turned them into these...

Fabulous stacks of granny circle squares. I love them and think that they look so beautiful. It's amazing how on a project like this the colours just work together so well.

I'm adding the cream border to 10 circles at a time and then sewing the ends in. I hate sewing ends in, but if I do it like this it's less tiresome.

The finished project is going to be a king sized granny blanket for my bed. I've measured it and have decided to make the blanket 20 x 15 squares which is 315 in total. I think this is wishful thinking and just know I' m going to have to make more colourful wheels.

I spend so much time making and creating for others, I thought it was time I made something for us :)

Mind you, it will be Summer time by the time it's finished!

I am enjoying it though, I'm enjoying the repetition on a pattern I really don't have to think about.

There is only one problem, I'm suffering from golfer a elbow from too much crochet!!!!!!

It is quite painful at times. My Dr said I should give up crochet for two months!!!!

My new iPad is a useful distraction :)

Bye for now my loves and happy crochet x x x x x x x x x


  1. Hi Esher,

    Problem is after a while using the iPad will be just as bad on the elbow.


  2. Hi Pauline, how are you?
    Are you back in the country?
    I never did send you that pattern you wanted. I'm hoping to pop to knit 'n' natter next week as it's half term. I'll bring it just in case your there. Oh dear, now I've read your message my elbows aching!!!!!!

  3. Glad you are back with your blog Esther and please note I have actually got through the systems to join you!!!!!