Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Freeeezzing !!!!!! x

Good evening my loves,

Is it soooooo cold out there ??
We don't often light the fire in the week it's usually our weekend treat, but that's where I'm sitting right now, trying to keep warm whilst creating this post x x

First things first, thank you to made to make's blog for sharing my granny bunting from my folksy shop. It made me feel all happy inside ;) (Sorry I'm not sure of your name!!). I am now a follower of yours so will be checking you out regularly.

I had a fab Saturday visiting my pal Foxy and yes I did make a very necessary purchase from the Daisy Daisy shop of gorgeousness.......

now a girl can never have enough ribbon you know x

Whilst there I found out they have craft weekends, where lot's of  craft stalls are set up in front of the shops. Of course I put my name down straight away. I'll let you know what happens.

I've also been invited to hold a stall at Southwell Minster to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. I've not filled out my application yet. I'll give you more details when I get them. It's a lovely day out at the Minster. And then of course you have all the fab Southwell shops. Nelly in the shed is my fave, not forgetting the little wool shop of course.

Okay, this week I have been mainly continuing with the African hexagons.....

Looking good eh? Lot's 'n' lot's more needed for a blanket. (Hiya Mad Sally x x).

I've had to put them to one side for the mo'. Well, if I'm having stalls I need stock. So I created Auntie Burrows the 3rd.......

Saturday Evening in front of the fire, over a glass of wine (or three!).

It's the first time I've made a stripey Burrows and I'm liking her.....

Soooo cute x x

I also made a little mouse.....
I stitched his little nose on tonight......

I'm going to make more mice tonight I think. Toys seem to go down well at fairs.

That's my news  for this week my loves. I must just say I am sooo looking forward to Knit 'n' Natter tomorrow evening, can't wait it's been too long!!

Good night for now my loves and happy crocheting x x x x

P.s  still bad news.......the new creative cotton still not in...booooooooooo.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

African Flower Hexagons x

Hello my loves,
Where oh where is the time going? It's almost the end of January already, scary!!!!

Last week I showed you a few pics of Charlie and his recycling project. Well, Daisy has completed her project this weekend.
She spent Saturday and part of Sunday making paper and card bricks for the fire.

With the help of  her Daddy. Taa Daaa.......

Well done Daisy. Fab home-work and free fuel :)

I've completed a few projects this week firstly Daisy's bunting, she loves it. We put it up this morning before school.

The colours look fab and really match her room. Whilst in Daisy's room I'd just like to show you this..

It's a guardian angel I bought for Daisy a while back. It's from a gorgeous little shop in Westbridgford called 'Daisy, Daisy'. Great name huh?
They sell lots of yummy gifts and willow heart wreaths. I'm visiting my lovely pal Foxy next Saturday in Westbridgford, so I'll no doubt pop in for a little look ;) I'll let you know if I make any necessary purchases x

Okay, back to the crochet.
The little cardi is complete it just needs a couple of cute buttons....

It is sooo tiny and only took a couple of hours.

I've mentioned my pal Sally a few times now haven't  I ? Well last evening crochet club, she was making a blanket using a fab hexagon pattern called an African flower hexagon. I think all of us at group stole the info for the pattern and this week I started some of my own. There's this one....

I have fallen in love with these colours together. And there's this one....

Same colours in reverse. And then there's these.....

I'm chuffed to bits with it so far. And must remember my resolution!!!!!!!
If you fancy a go at these lovelies yourself you can find them on heidi bears most gorgeous blog, go and take a look.

I forgot to show you a couple of things last week, firstly this owl pattern....

How cute are these? I've started one and hope to show it to you next week. I bought the pattern from ravelry.

I also received the Japanese book I ordered over Christmas. I forgot to show you this as well !!!

This is the front cover for any of you that might like to purchase one of your own. It came from pomadors cafe or pompador 24. A friend at knit 'n' Natter (Hi Pauline), has a few of these books. She bought them in to show me one week as I was wondering whether to buy one or not. I finally decided on this, there are sooo many to choose from. I'll show you a few pages....

These are what I fell in love with x

And this floral hot water bottle cover.

Isn't it lovely?

I don't yet read Japanese!!!!! So will be following the patterns like this.....

Diagrams, not as difficult as you might think.

I think that's all for this week my loves. I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy so I'm off for a snuggle with Charlie (Daisy 'n' Gav at taekwondo). I'm going to make a coffee first and grab a hook before we climb up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

Night night for now my loves and happy crochet x x

P.s the word on the new rico creative cotton colours.....not in yet booooooooo!!! ;) x x x x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hi Guys x x

Hi Guys, How are you?

I'm pretty good thanks.
We had a lovely relaxing weekend. Saturday Gav lit the fire at 9am and we didn't let it go out 'till 9pm. There's nothing nicer than sitting in front of an open fire, listening to the radio, the children enjoyed it too, it was sooo cosy :)

I also took pics of Charlie for his home-work. It was about re-cycling card, well we're experts at that. Do you want to see what we do with our card?......

We put it in the composter of course, and......

We feed it to the worms.....
Oh how they love it, as well as food waste. They pay us back by producing the most fantastic compost. We also get worm wee that is a brilliant fertiliser.
Enough about worms when you've just eaten your tea..Sorry  ;)

On to the crochet. Well, it happened again. It doesn't happen very often, I didn't have a project and just didn't know what to do. I sat staring at my basket of new yarn for inspiration....

Well newish. The Riot is left over from the Japanese flower blanket. The gorgeous super chunky pink I bought as a treat just before Christmas. And the other two well.....

This I bought from a lovely little wool shop in Southwell. The whole ball knits up the tank top in the pic. It was a bargain. I got an £8.00 ball of wool for £3.50.And the best bit is it is 660 m, I'm going to make lot's out of this. Not the tank top tho' folks, I'm not a knitter.

And the green....
Scrum-diddly-umptous. I love, love, love green. One ball I already had, the other two were £1.50 each out of the bargain bin at Anita's, what a lucky girl am I to spot this.

My dilemma of not having a project didn't last long, I made.....

The swirly scarf (again!!) out of the Cute 'n' Easy crochet book by Nikki Trench. Shall we see another pic? oh yes....

I wanted it super long so added an extra 100 chains, it seemed to take forever! It doesn't look bad on either....

Because it's a cotton it layers really nicely in a frill around the neck.
I amazed myself at finishing it, it very nearly ended up on the stig pile!! One of my resolutions is to make sure I finish projects before I start another, hmm let's see how long that lasts!

A pal contacted me at the end of last week after visiting my folksy shop. She wanted a flower brooch for a friend of hers, but a little smaller than the ones I had in my shop. What is wrong with a large brooch?.....

I think mine should be a little larger, don't you!!!!!!!!

So I had a play with different sized hooks and came up with these......

... beauties, let me know what you think please Foxy my pal before I sew the backs on x x x

That's reminded me, I forgot to tell you about my folksy shop. Last week I re-stocked it, oh it took an age. If you've not popped in for a while have a peek, I'd love to hear your feed back. It's- baggaleycottagecrochet.

I managed to squeeze one more project in this week, it's still in a work progress.....

I decided to make another cardi. 0-9months this time. I do love making this cardi, I think this is my 4th!! It's from 'Little Crochet' by Linda Permann. What a gorgeous book it is too.

On my way home tonight I popped into Anita's to see if the new Creative Cotton colours were in. I didn't think they would be as Anita would have contacted me, I had to pop in all the same to check. Humphh, there not in yet. Please hurry Rico, I can't wait!!!!

I had a quick peek in the bargain bin and found these, I can't resist a bargain...

I love these colours together. I think I'll surprise Daisy and make her some bunting for her room x

I'm feeling rather sleepy now, so I'm going to make a cuppa and take it up to bed, with my crochet of course. x

Night night for now my loves and happy crocheting x x x x

P.s I've not forgotten about my give away, I'm waiting for my give away to arrive   x x x x x x

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A funny old week x x

Hello my loves,

Well what a funny old week it's been.
I went into work first day back Wednesday, only to be sent home again as the boiler had broken !
So off home to crochet I went :) I felt a bit naughty to be honest. In fact, I went for a wonder around the local retail park and bumped into a colleague and she said the same thing.

It was also nice to catch up with my B.F. We don't get to see each other very often as we both work full-time and I'm in a County school and she's in a City school. So we have different school holidays sometimes.
Wednesday afternoon we had pub lunch.
Thursday I went to knit 'n' natter and then we did a spot of shopping in Southwell, followed by lunch in a lovely little cafe and then coffee and cake in the Minster cafe.(diet started Fri).
Friday I nipped round to hers for a fringe trim!!(so glamorous!).
It was fab, I also squeezed in plenty of crochet as you can imagine.
Are you ready to see some pics?

Here we go, first of all the Japanese flower blanket is finished hoorah....

I am sooo pleased with it.
I also completed an order for some heart bunting....

And of course added a little hand-made with love heart.
I also finished the little owls I was telling you about last week...
Sooo cute x       Sorry they're a bit dark, the light is terrible for taking pics tonight.
I found the free pattern on bitowhimsey, a gorgeous blog. You can find it in my blog list.

Do you remember I told you I ordered some purse clasps from etsy? Well they have arrived, yippeeee.
They weren't too expensive either, want to see? I ordered three.....
Hmmm, only two there I here you cry! Well, you should know what I'm like by now...

Isn't it lovely, well I'm very pleased with it. Shall we see another pic, or two, oh yes....

I used the lovely popcorn stitch. The pattern came from last months Inside Crochet magazine. I did have to adapt it a bit as the purse frame is a little more arched than the one in the pattern.

That reminds me, I decided to subscribe to Inside Crochet Magazine over Christmas and today my free gift came. It was a marvellous surprise as I'd forgotten I'd done it!!
Here they are....
Two new crochet hooks with spongy handles. I've not used hooks with handles before but look forward to trying them out later x

Can I just share with you some pics of the very lovely and gorgeous Creative Cotton. I promised a lady I would so that she could see the entire range of colours. Here goes....

How absolutely gorgeous. The colours are amazing. I cannot wait for the new colours to come in, six days to go and counting ;)x

I almost, forgot!! I was talking to a friend about some brooches I made way back, before I could crochet.
You see, I've always loved yarn, the colour, texture, weight. And I've always had the urge to buy it and use it in some way. I really dislike knitting, my mum taught me to knit when I was I young but I was forever getting holes. It drove me crackers. So I started french knitting and turned by worm like weaving into brooches. I also made loopy brooches.
 And then I decided I would teach myself to crochet. Not as simple as you might think!! Three long years it took, honest. I took every child's crochet book out of the library, I searched the net. Could I get the hang of it. My Mum and Dad even bought me a child's crochet kit. I was sooo frustrated. And sooo desperate to learn.
And then a weekly crochet mag came out with a DVD, I sat for hours pausing and re-winding and practising and i finally got it. Hallelujah x 
Looking at these flower brooches makes me realise just how far I've come.

They're still rather pretty though and we all have to start somewhere. They're also very popular at the craft fairs I do.

Oh dear my loves I seem to be waffling a bit tonight... Sorry. Too much coffee!!!!!!!

Off to try out the new hooks that promise extra comfort, we'll soon see!

Night night for now and happy crocheting x x x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Last Few Days x x

Hi Guys,

Well here we are 2012, a new year, a new start and lots of lovely new crochet projects.. hee, hee x

During the Christmas break I had a little note from Cath Kidston to tell me the sale was starting Boxing Day. So there I was Boxing Day morning, 8am, lap top on knee. Oh the joys at all the wonderfully colourful bits 'n' bobs, of course I couldn't resist a few unnecessary purchases. Imagine my delight, when four days later the door bell rang and my jolly postman handed me a lovely box with Cath Kidston tape securing my goods :)
Would you like to see what I bought? Here goes....

One new phone case-perfect fit. Two new tea towels for my new kitchen (when it's completed). A lovely large cotton hanky-for Olbas oil to aid my clear breathing!! A pack of four sharpened pencils-I always need a pencil. And two bowls to put my small crochet items ready to sell at fairs. I am sooo happy with my new stuff.

Just before New Years Eve I started to panic a bit!!! We've had such a lovely break here at Baggaley Cottage and I realised we only had a few days left!! Oh dear, Oh dear so little time and so much to fit in. Water colour painting with Daisy, lego with Charlie, walks, jigsaw puzzles, DVD's. We have managed to do a lot, hoorah for us.

I've also managed crocheted projects. I decided the Japanese flower blanket needed to take priority. It is sooo needed on these chilly evenings. 
Oooh, I love these colours. Duck egg blue..oh yes.
Do you remember I shared this yarn with you a while back. It's King Cole Riot DK. It also comes in a chunky.
The pattern is so simple, yet so affective. Want to see more?

Lookin' good.

After a late night last night, there is now 81 flowers. I have three balls of yarn left so it's going to be a bit bigger yet. Oh dear.....all those ends to sew in. Any offers?

I also decided to make a new tea-cosy.

I used this simple base from 'Cute 'n' Easy Crochet'  ByNikki Trench.

And then added my own flowers. Again the ends need sewing in and then the flowers need stitching into place.
Do you want a closer look at my delightful flowers?....

These flowers are so, so easy.

Ch 6, 3 trtr in very first ch, 5 ch ss into very first ch. 5 times. For the centres I've hand sewn into trtr.
Taa, Daa one flower completed, easy peasy x

I've also been a bit naughty and ordered a few items from etsy. Some purse clasps, I've been wanting to have a go at a purse with clasp for ages. I've also ordered a new book from pompadors cafe, can't wait to share it with you.

I've also half finished a couple of cute owls, I'll share that project with you next time my loves.

Nearly forgot about my give away. I have the most perfect prize. Just waiting for it to arrive and then we're away. Can't wait :)x

Feeling very sleepy, work tomorrow, hmmm.
Need to get a few Japanese flowers done before an early night.

Night night for now my loves, happy crocheting x x x

P.S  Hi Lisa some colours of yarn I promised you.

Pale pink, deep blue, apple green, red - Very Cath Kidston.

The same again with a cream, probably used as a border colour.
Same again but with a pale blue.

Cushion in this style with colours of your choice, either all squares the same or multi like this.
I'll wait to hear from you on folksy, take care :)