Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hi my loves,

 I'm feeling much more chirpy and awake this evening you'll be pleased to hear. I have so much to share with you :)

What a fab time I've had this week. It all started at the weekend, Gav just couldn't decide whether to go to the Newark Garden Show. So I decided for him and off we went...tee, hee!!
So armed with wellies, we set off and the sky got darker and darker!

It was fab, but not as busy as in recent years.....
You can just spot Gavin at the side in his red water proof, and they were needed I'll tell you.
We got about half way round and it threw it down, there wasn't a soul in sight. Everyone (including us) hid under gazebo's for at least 20 mins.
Daisy and Charlie loved it, splashing around in the deep puddles. They entertained themselves with this activity all the way round the beautiful flower and plant stalls.(Until we got back to the car and Charlie realised he had a hole in his wellie!).

Would you like to see the purchases made? Thought you might ;).....

Here we have a pretty little yellow and purple Viola. I planted this beauty under the apple tree.

Three Lupins, my faves. The dastardly slugs usually get to them just before they flower, so I have surrounded these with slug pellets.

Eight strawberry plants. I put them straight in the strawberry pots I've had for a while,and popped them in the green house away from the morning frosts we've been having.

Six giant Alium bulbs. I'm really excited about these and can't wait for them to grow.

This is a plant Gavin chose, I can't remember what it's called! Sorry. The flowers look a bit like Red Hot Pokers, but are blue and a little bit furry!!
And last of all, and my most favourite purchase........

Two reproduction, Victorian looking hanging baskets.
Hoorah for the garden show and hoorah for new purchases x

Ok, enough about the garden. Let's get to the crochet.

The tiredness over took me last week and I forgot to tell you that I'd bought the new Nikki Trench book, Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes.

I must say all of the items in this book are very cute, but not so easy!! I've started to make a cardi, the pattern is not great to follow and I've spotted mistakes.
It's this cardi here...

I just loved the pattern, I've not seen star pattern before and had to give it a go after seeing my pal Sally trying it out x Let me give you a close up....

Isn't it lovely, what do you think?
I used the left over Riot yarn that I used for my Japanese flower blanket, do you remember?...

It hasn't turned out well at all, due to the instructions given! You also have to stitch it all together, which leaves holes along the arm seem...not good.

I've just got a few pieces to sew together and then the collar to add.

The star pattern does look lovely in this yarn....

I've also added a pretty edge on the tea-cosy....

I feel it needs leaves now, or a bit of embroidery of some kind, hmmm, will have a think about that.

I also finished the hanging hearts....

In the lovely wine red creative cotton.

Hmmm, talking of creative cotton. I'm not happy. I popped in to see Anita tonight and to make another purchase. I have found out that Rico are discontinuing colours, the best colours I might add!! Jean blue for one, how dare they! And new colours are still not in stock.
Rico will you stop messing around with the cotton? Will you hurry up and produce more bubble gum pink? Will you ask your customers about preferred colours? And will you stop discontinuing colours when I'm half way through a project? Aaaahh, I feel better after that rant ;)

Good job I keep a healthy stash of the stuff...tee, hee. I could open a shop with my stash ;) Just had a thought, I might put a ball of bubble gum pink on e.bay and see how much I get for it!!!

Pop in to Anita's lovely on line yarn shop if your not local. It's Knitworking. Anita really does have the most amazing yarns. I actually think I want to live in Anita's little shop, I'm so happy surrounded by yarn and colour x 

Back to the crochet.......
I popped in to see Anita for buttons for my star cardi and couldn't resist a purchase.
I thought I'd give Nikki Trench another chance and decided upon this project....
A cute little baby dress. I've checked the pattern and it looks like this is crocheted all in one piece which is much better. The finished project also looks neater.
I chose this beautiful.....

green Rico baby. It's so beautifully soft. I thought I'd add cute little Daisy flowers on one shoulder.

Before I go I must tell you about an absolutely beautiful and inspirational blog I've found. It's called According to Matt.... And if I was technical I'd add a link right here, in fact hang on a mo'.
http://accordingtomatt.blogspot.co.uk/  (If this link works it will be a miracle! I havn't tried it yet!!)
Please pop over and have a look it's a blog by Matt and Dennis and I love it, so I know you will x

I'm itching to get my hook in my hand now my loves, so will speak to you next week x

Night night and happy crochet x x x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back to norm x x

Good evening my loves,

I feel absolutely shattered. Two days back at work and I can't keep my head up!! Yesterday I had to have a nap after tea, deary me. I think an early night's in order x

We soooo enjoyed the Easter break, I didn't want it to end. So, Sunday afternoon we decided to finish off our hols with a bike ride. We cycled from home, all the way to Colwick lakes and back. We spent two hours cycling and just got back before the rain.

Well this week the crochet has been a bit slow going, I think it's because the project was so big.
Would you like to see?
I've  made a pal for Nellie......
Charlie named him Geoff. I love him, especially his handsome eyebrows!

I've had to stand him in a basket poor chap, he was taking so long I got a little distracted with other projects. I will finish him, promise ;o)

I've also been busy making more bootees and slippers....

I am loving the Union Jack buttons.Perfect for the Jubilee x

I have to show you the bottoms (again), they're my favourite part x

And I made these slippers to go with the others, do you remember?
Let me remind you.....

Here they are x

Next Friday I'm having a stall at one of our local schools, so I'm determined to get everything finished! I'd also like to put an edging around the bottom of the tea cosy I made. And of course I must finish Geoff and more bootees.
I've also been making more of these....

Yummy hearts in wine red. Instead of turning them into bunting, I thought I'd hang them on top of one another. I'll show you them finished next week.

Gavin took more pics of the garden this week, would you like to see....

Can you see the blue bucket near the fence? That's where Daisy and Charlies sand pit used to be. They're far too big for it now, so I've grouped my pots together there instead, it looks lovely and it's tidied up the garden.
Daisy and Charlie love playing out in the garden and at the moment we have to make the most of the nice days we have don't we. Last week I kept dashing out for the odd hour pottering about before the weather turned.

Yawwwnnnn, oh my!!
My pyjamas are calling my loves, I really must go before the lap top falls off my knee!!

I'll speak to you next week with more enthusiasm, exciting projects and recharged batteries hopefully ;)

Night night for now my loves and happy crochet x x x x

P.S knit 'n' natter crochet and chatter tomorrow night, hoorah! And hoorah for Anita and her marvellous yarn shop x

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ten Things x

Hi there my loves.
The top ten things I love about holidays are -:

1, Spending time with the children.
2, Sitting around in pyjamas.
3, Unlimited crochet ! (sometimes!!).
4, Afternoon baths.
5, Gavin being off with us :)
6, Day's out.
7, Daytime tele!!! Well this weekend anyway.....Carry on films, George and Mildred, Are you being  
    served!!!!! I'm sad, I know ;)
8, Bike rides.
9, Drinking wine and not having to worry about getting up for work.
10, Lazy days and late nights.

Aaah bliss. I'm loving the hols, can you tell?

The gardens looking fab at the mo', despite the heavy downpours last week the Daffs and Tulips are still up right...

I can't wait to plant up my pots and hanging baskets. I'm going to wait for the Newark Garden show and buy everything I need whilst I'm there. If you've not been before go, it's fab and so reasonable. I might even replace my wrought iron hanging baskets I had stolen last year!

I've managed to crochet alot this week, in between days out and family visits.
The baby cardi I was confused over last week was fine, hoorah......

I love this pattern and have the yarn ready to make more.

I've also, for the first time designed my own tea cosy.......

Taa,daaa. I'm sooo pleased with it and it was really quick and easy. Ok, I admit the cosy is based on the Nikki Trench one. I've just added my own flowers.

Ch 4, join.
15 tr into ring, join with sl st.
 ch 3, 3 tr into each st, join with sl st.
again ch 3, 3 tr into each st around, join with sl st.
And there you have it your own frilly flower, easy peasy x

I've also been busy creating this gorgeous fella.....

Just how cute is he? I might actually turn him into a she and stitch a small flower behind her ear, her name will be Nellie. I've just realised I've not stitched on the backs of her ears. They're suppose to be dark grey. I'll get straight on to that when I've finished here!!

The pattern for Nellie came from here....

Huggable crochet. Here's the elephant....
And here's what I'm going to do next....

In the brightest orange you've ever seen!!!!!! Will share next week x

And last of all I've started another.....

Blooming Flower cushions, from Lucy at Attic 24.
This will be my third, I love them x

Well my loves, it's still sunny outside so I'm off to potter around the garden.
Enjoy your week, whatever you up to x

Night night for now my loves and happy crochet x x x x x x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hoorah for the Easter hols x x

Hello my loves,

The Easter Holidays are here, and I'm so happy that they are. We are all in need of a good old rest from the daily routine. It's so lovely to wake up and think, hmm what shall we do today :)

Today has been lovely. We planned an outing with some friends to our local farm, 'Ferry Farm'.
We planned the outing last week when the sunshine was here!! It has been freezing, I still feel chilled to the bone. Isn't it funny how children just don't feel the cold.
Ferry Farm is not just a farm. It has soft play, Jumbi cars, a park, trampolines, a huge sand pit, go carts, walks around the pond, birds of prey. Honestly, the kids are entertained for hours.
 You can also buy feed for the animals, Charlie's favourite part. He loves animals....
I 'm not really an animal lover, but really wanted to take one of these home!!

These were a little smelly!!!

And this little guy looked so sad :(
Notice there's no sign of Daisy. She is a bit scared of the animals and would rather do stuff like this..

I did manage to get a pic of her here though...

All pals together, she kept her distance from the donkeys. It was a really lovely day out despite the cold :)

Day two and we're really into this holiday mode. Yesterday we went into town super early to beat the crowds. My cousin who I don't really see that often (but should) came over in the afternoon with her children Archie and Harry. It was so lovely to see her.

Tomorrow, no plans at all. Yippee!! I'm thinking pyjamas, maybe a bit of crochet. Puzzles and games with the children followed by a DVD or two, ahhh bliss x x

Last week I said I had more stuff to show you regarding my birthday. This will be the last time I mention it 'till next year, promise:)
Ok, my lovely pal Sally gave me this......

Some gorgeous Sass and Belle ribbon, with pictures of......

Owls on it yippee, I love it x Thank you Sally x

I also received some funky cards I wanted to share.....

Love the bike. A true Nottingham card from my Sister in law.

This one is sooo me, from my Mother in law. And....

This reminded me of my bike, from pals Leon and Debbie (Hooks and hoes blog spot).

It's time for me to share my crochet projects, are you ready?.......
First, the Cath cushion is complete...


Complete with vintage buttons. They finish it off nicely x x
 I love Cath, but was a little disappointed with the amount of yarn given for this project. There was nowhere near enough. I had to add a bit of my own. I don't think you can tell though.

I also completed......

The cheeky little Monkey, complete with banana.

More Mary Jane's, I just need to add the buttons.


Cute little Owls, and...

Owl keyrings.

Oh yes my loves, I finally broke in to my Planet Penny Cotton Club stash for my owl projects x

 I've also started a baby Cardigan from a pattern given to me by a lovely lady at knit 'n' natter.

I'm a little confused with the sleeves. So this will be the project I'll take with me to tomorrows K 'n' N. I will not be asking my pal Sally for help..... If you saw what happened to the arms on her attempt at this cardi you'd understand!!!! tee, hee. Sorry Sally x x x

And last of all, I've been doing a spot of baking. The non-fattening baking of course.....
I'm really pleased with these. They've turned out well. I love the twirly icing. Tricky to do at first, but I soon got bthe hang of it with lots of concentration :) I bought this pattern fron Etsy. I've just got to master the cases and think I have a plan...I'll share next week x

I feel my posts are getting longer and I've started waffling a bit!!!
I hope you don't mind? I have so much to share and get a bit excited by the crochet!!!
I also feel that this little blog will also be a great diary to share with Daisy and Charlie as they get older.
It's nearly my year anniversary of blogging, can you believe it? I can't. It's scary how time flies. I might have a party, any excuse to open a bottle of wine or two!!

Enjoy the easter break my loves, whatever your plans. We have the family coming over Sunday for dinner and wine of course. Have fun x x

Night night for now and happy crochet x x