Friday, 24 June 2011

Deep Joy!!!!

I am revelling in deep joy and excitement. The book I have waited five weeks for finally arrived last Friday, yippee..

 I kept picking it up flicking through, picking it up again! I just couldn't decide what to make at first, it is all so gorgeous and lovely.
I decided to make the item that drew me to buy the book in the first place......

This, its an owl cushion, yet to be lovingly stuffed. My task over the weekend, I can't wait to get it finished so that I can move on to my next project.

Hmmm, the next project, abit of a sore subject in the Baggaley Cottage household!!
I love crochet so much that I must have at least twelve projects on the go, including orders I have for personal items. Gav gets a little frustrated with me to say the least and calls my crochet corner my Stig of the dump pile. (It's not that bad, honest!!!!!!).

Well about eight weeks ago my Stig pile got the better of Gav and he agreed to let me have his shed at the bottom of our garden. (My plan all along tee, hee!).
He moved all of his stuff into my damp potting shed and I got a lovely space to work in peace and store my wares. I spent two weeks painting the inside white to brighten it up and then Gav put the shelves up. I am so pleased with it and show it to all who come to visit.

Tomorrow I might even give you a sneak peak. Night night for now. Happy crochet x x

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