Monday, 27 June 2011

Baggaley Cottage garden

Hello my lovelies, what beautiful weather we're having. Today I'm going to share with you my lovely shed, but first i'm going to share my garden. I spent all day yesterday (Sunday) working on it and pulling up those pesky weeds, the shed will have to wait.
Here it is, i'm so pleased. We don't seem to have that much colour at the moment due to the hot spell in May, everything flowered early.

A glimpse through the apple tree. I spent most of the morning picking up fallen apples, the twisted Hazel is looking fab.

Now, I use to think Geraniums were for oldies! But since going we started going to France each year I have fallen in love with them. In France they are on every veranda of every house you see and really do draw your eye. They are much bigger in France though of course.
I am also a sucker for Lavender and have been banned from buying more. This one I bought from the Newark Garden Show last year. Once flowered it smells gorgeous. I also dry my Lavender and use it in my work.

More Lavender in front of the geen house.
We are getting closer to my shed I promise ; )
Nearly there. The potting shed is in the middle, it was in the garden when we moved in 13 years ago. We had to re-roof it and put in new windows. It has a little hatch on a pully on the right hand side to let chickens in and out, how quirky. I must also point out Gavs small veggie plot in front of the potting shed, it's small, but we have a good harvest each year. We have purple carrots, tomatoes, pumkin, aubergine and some herbs, yummy.                                                                                                                                                    To the right of the potting shed is my shed, are you ready, I hope the build up doesn't leave you too disapointed, I love it.

Ta, da. Well, what do you think? I love sitting amongst my yarn, buttons, period living magazine and millions of crochet hooks I've aquired.

The boxes are jammed full of finished items to sell, I'm crazy about crochet cushion covers so always make sure I have a good stash of inserts.
Last picture I promise. This lovely flower tea cosie I made during the Royal wedding.
Well I hope you enjoyed my pics, in the next post I will be sharing crochet projects with you.                     Ta Ta for now. Happy Crocheting x

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