Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Bank Holiday x x

Hello my loves,

I missed you all last week. Sorry I didn't get chance to pop in, I had far too much paper work and blah, blah, blah!!! Let's skip that shall we and get on to the good stuff ;)

(I just wanted to share Mays Mollie Makes calender). x x
Yesterday was a fab day. Gav and Daisy decided to miss taekwondo so that we could all go off on a bike ride. I packed up my babushka bags with snacks and water proofs and off we went.

Now, usually I hate cycling around the roads we live. I worry about the children on the busy roads. But yesterday we made an exciting discovery :)
We cycled for about a mile and found Netherfield Lagoons. It honestly felt like we were a million miles away. The country side was gorgeous and would you believe, the sun came out for us. It was lovely and warm.......
The children jumped off their bikes for a while, to explore. The brook was beautifully clear and flowing fast.

It just looks so beautiful.

Gav took a picture of me whizzing off. I whizzed off quickly so you wouldn't see my big bottom x x  ;)

On my right is the River Trent. We cycled on for a few more miles to the Ferry Boat pub for a quick drink before we headed back home. We cycled for three hours and covered nine miles in total. We loved every minute.

When we got back I finally managed to mow the lawn. The garden is looking soooo over grown I can't wait to spend a day out there cutting everything back.

I've not done a great deal of crochet this week. I've spent hours working on three Nikki Trench patterns and all of them were wrong. It's a bit deflating really. I know I could have altered the patterns to make them work but really wanted a project that I didn't have to think about. I needed a project to help me relax,  with all the paper work I've had just lately.

So I made another......

Teacosy. The inspiration came from my friend Irena. She found a pattern for Poppies in her magazine and gave me a copy. Would you like to see them?......

Scrummy poppies x
 I attached them like this......
I just need to add embroidered leaves to finish it off.

I made Irena a brooch to say thank you for sharing x

I've also been really busy making bootees and Mary Janes....

The bootees need folding down and buttons need adding of course.....

Folding down done, I'll add the buttons later.

I've started to crochet the bootee tops in trebles, which do you prefer trebles or front post ? I'd love some feedback on this. I'm really not sure.
And last of all I've been creating this....

I'll show you the completed piece next week ;)

I'll hopefully be back next Tuesday. I hope you've all had a wonderful relaxed Bank Holiday x

Night night for now and happy crochet x x x x


  1. i checked just in case!!! hooray ;D

  2. Hello Esther!
    You've got a lovely blog with beautiful crochet projects :)
    Thank you so much for your comment!
    Have a fab week!