Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hi my loves,

 I'm feeling much more chirpy and awake this evening you'll be pleased to hear. I have so much to share with you :)

What a fab time I've had this week. It all started at the weekend, Gav just couldn't decide whether to go to the Newark Garden Show. So I decided for him and off we went...tee, hee!!
So armed with wellies, we set off and the sky got darker and darker!

It was fab, but not as busy as in recent years.....
You can just spot Gavin at the side in his red water proof, and they were needed I'll tell you.
We got about half way round and it threw it down, there wasn't a soul in sight. Everyone (including us) hid under gazebo's for at least 20 mins.
Daisy and Charlie loved it, splashing around in the deep puddles. They entertained themselves with this activity all the way round the beautiful flower and plant stalls.(Until we got back to the car and Charlie realised he had a hole in his wellie!).

Would you like to see the purchases made? Thought you might ;).....

Here we have a pretty little yellow and purple Viola. I planted this beauty under the apple tree.

Three Lupins, my faves. The dastardly slugs usually get to them just before they flower, so I have surrounded these with slug pellets.

Eight strawberry plants. I put them straight in the strawberry pots I've had for a while,and popped them in the green house away from the morning frosts we've been having.

Six giant Alium bulbs. I'm really excited about these and can't wait for them to grow.

This is a plant Gavin chose, I can't remember what it's called! Sorry. The flowers look a bit like Red Hot Pokers, but are blue and a little bit furry!!
And last of all, and my most favourite purchase........

Two reproduction, Victorian looking hanging baskets.
Hoorah for the garden show and hoorah for new purchases x

Ok, enough about the garden. Let's get to the crochet.

The tiredness over took me last week and I forgot to tell you that I'd bought the new Nikki Trench book, Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes.

I must say all of the items in this book are very cute, but not so easy!! I've started to make a cardi, the pattern is not great to follow and I've spotted mistakes.
It's this cardi here...

I just loved the pattern, I've not seen star pattern before and had to give it a go after seeing my pal Sally trying it out x Let me give you a close up....

Isn't it lovely, what do you think?
I used the left over Riot yarn that I used for my Japanese flower blanket, do you remember?...

It hasn't turned out well at all, due to the instructions given! You also have to stitch it all together, which leaves holes along the arm seem...not good.

I've just got a few pieces to sew together and then the collar to add.

The star pattern does look lovely in this yarn....

I've also added a pretty edge on the tea-cosy....

I feel it needs leaves now, or a bit of embroidery of some kind, hmmm, will have a think about that.

I also finished the hanging hearts....

In the lovely wine red creative cotton.

Hmmm, talking of creative cotton. I'm not happy. I popped in to see Anita tonight and to make another purchase. I have found out that Rico are discontinuing colours, the best colours I might add!! Jean blue for one, how dare they! And new colours are still not in stock.
Rico will you stop messing around with the cotton? Will you hurry up and produce more bubble gum pink? Will you ask your customers about preferred colours? And will you stop discontinuing colours when I'm half way through a project? Aaaahh, I feel better after that rant ;)

Good job I keep a healthy stash of the stuff...tee, hee. I could open a shop with my stash ;) Just had a thought, I might put a ball of bubble gum pink on e.bay and see how much I get for it!!!

Pop in to Anita's lovely on line yarn shop if your not local. It's Knitworking. Anita really does have the most amazing yarns. I actually think I want to live in Anita's little shop, I'm so happy surrounded by yarn and colour x 

Back to the crochet.......
I popped in to see Anita for buttons for my star cardi and couldn't resist a purchase.
I thought I'd give Nikki Trench another chance and decided upon this project....
A cute little baby dress. I've checked the pattern and it looks like this is crocheted all in one piece which is much better. The finished project also looks neater.
I chose this beautiful.....

green Rico baby. It's so beautifully soft. I thought I'd add cute little Daisy flowers on one shoulder.

Before I go I must tell you about an absolutely beautiful and inspirational blog I've found. It's called According to Matt.... And if I was technical I'd add a link right here, in fact hang on a mo'.
http://accordingtomatt.blogspot.co.uk/  (If this link works it will be a miracle! I havn't tried it yet!!)
Please pop over and have a look it's a blog by Matt and Dennis and I love it, so I know you will x

I'm itching to get my hook in my hand now my loves, so will speak to you next week x

Night night and happy crochet x x x

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  1. whoop whoop well done you....for the link and it works i tryed it...told you it was easy....and as for that that cardy... lots of things wrong in the patten.....iam getting there with it....i will show you on next wensday nite....and the holes...hmmmm not good may just weave in some wool to hide the holes i think...let you know xsx