Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blanket up date x

Bonjour mon petit pois,

I'm having such a marvellous break. To be honest we haven't done a great deal!!
 Last week we visited a local farm with friends, we've been in to town for next years school uniform and bits and bobs for our holiday. Last week the children played happily in the garden in our humongous paddling pool.. Daisy is also insisting that she's growing up and has begun to meet up with her friends at the park at the end of our road. It's such a worry I must phone her every 10 minutes to check she's okay!  I think I've just got to accept that she's growing up and I need to stop worrying so much. Daisy is sensible and her and her friends do look out for each other.

Well you'll be pleased to know Charlie's blanket is very nearly complete.....

I have two more rows of red to complete, the ends to sew in and then it's finished, hoorah!!

Well I went off to start the dinner and look what happened!!........
Daisy and Charlie snuggled under their blankets to watch the Olympics (Charlie covered himself over carefully, not to undo my stitches).
Cheeky monkeys :) x I love that they love their blankets, It makes me feel soooo happy x
They were both hand made with 100% love xx

That however is not the end of my blanket making. Gavin is feeling rather left out and has asked if he can have a blanket made in earthy colours. How can I refuse ;) It will be my pleasure. So yesterday I dashed off to Anita's to purchase new project yarn. My most favourite thing to do in the world :)
 Would you like to see the colours I picked out?.....
What do you think? I think they look rather nice together. I'm going to use the same yarn that I used for Daisy and Charlie's blanket. The cheap and cheerful Woolcraft. If you buy 10 balls it works at about £1 per ball, bargain. It washes at 40 degrees and can be tumble dryed..bonus x
I will not start this project until Charlie's is all finished, honest ;)
I was going to add in this green here as well but it just doesn't go does it?
Have you spotted anything else in my basket?

Can you see it better now? No?
Here you go then :)

What yummy yarn this is my loves.

It's Life DK by Stylecraft.

It's great value for money at £2.75 a ball and it goes along way. Each ball holds 298 metres/326 yards.
I just love the flecks, would you like a closer look?

I can't wait to start using this and think I'll alternate between blanket and this........

It' a lovely cropped cardigan. The great thing is I can make the sleeves and body as long or as short as I'd like.

I really want to complete Charlie's blanket tonight so I'm off to put the kettle on before I begin.

Good night for now my loves and happy crochet x x x

P.s Knit and Natter tomorrow night, Hoorahhhhhh :)

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  1. Hi Esther

    It was nice to meet you today at the Gedling show and thank you for your helpful advice x My name is Jacky, my daughter was with me and my son goes to Westdale Jnrs. I like your blog. You mentioned a really good link but I cannot remember what it was, I would be really pleased if you could tell me it again. Hopefully our crafting paths will cross again soon.

    Many thanks