Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ta Daaa x

Bonjour mon Petit Pois, hasn't it been a lovely day. I started the morning by dropping off my children at their Nana's house for a couple hours whilst I popped over to knit 'n' natter. I just can't possibly miss it! And the children love spending time with Nana. So I crocheted and natted and enjoyed seeing what the ladies were making, I even gained a lovely pattern for a shrug, thank you Marilyn ;)
The children decided to stay at Nana's for a couple more hours,so I made the most of the time I had, I got a few jobs done and then went into the garden to crochet and enjoy the sunshine and await their return.
We bought a new arbour a month or so ago and a lovely Wisteria to grow up it, the wisteria was tiny when we bought it and just look at it now.
I can't wait for it to flower next year.

Anyway my loves, I have a couple of ta daa moments for you this evening, firstly my gorgeous new bike. In my last post I said it was very French looking, apparently I was wrong and it's Dutch stylee!
How super duper is that!!! The children finally got their bike ride on Sunday, we went out for over 3 hours and loved every minute. I really think we need to see another picture of it,

I am over the moon with it, it is so light and easy to cycle. I forgot to tell you what it's called, it's a Trek Navigator sit up and beg bike and I think I'll call her Beryl!!!! (It's been a long day and yes maybe I am going round the twist!!).
I did continue with the blanket for my daughter Daisy you will be pleased to hear. The lovely shrug project will be taken on my hols. Here's the blanket.

I sat and crocheted away in the sun this afternoon, as you can imagine it was rather hot under the blanket. Here's another pic. I often take two pics and it seems a shame to waste them!

I've got about six more colour changes and then it's finished, hoorah, hoorah, hoorah. And then I will start a new project.
I bet you've all heard of Attic 24 and the lovely Lucy if not you really need to check out her blog, she is truly fabulous with her crochet. Well, I popped into the Attic last week and saw the wonderful blooming flower cushion Lucy had completed and the overwhelming feeling of having to buy more yarn for this project over took me. I did manage to wait a week for my new purchase and today was the day, I chose.......
Rico baby, it comes in the most fab colours and goes such along way, you get 165 metres, wow wee x
I did the purple tulip sleeved baby cardi in the Rico baby, the pattern asked for 5 balls of Rico based on metres and I ended up taking 2 balls back, it's such value for money.
I must stop nattering now and try and finish Daisy's blanket.

Night night for now and happy crochet x x x x

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