Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Hello again my lovelies, no I've not seen a mouse, I'm a little excited I'll tell you more about that later!!!!
Do you know, it has been lovely waking up the past few days and not having to get up, get the children ready for school, pack lunch boxes etc... we are really going to make the most of each day during these six weeks we have off.
The children are so desperate to go out on a bike ride. I've got a really old bike that is so heavy I do struggle to ride it, lucky for me and them that I collect my new sit up and beg bike on Friday. It is very French looking, there's even room for a basket on the front, hoorah. That's one of the reasons for my excitement.
Back to the crochet, yet again I've been a busy little bee. I have completed another child's cardi from my lovely book 'Little Crochet' By Linda Permann. And here it is,

I'm really pleased with it. Linda Permann gives really easy to follow instruction. If I can follow them anyone can. I've not sewn the buttons on yet, just balanced them in place so that you get an idea of the finished look. My cardi even looks a little like the one in the book,

How cute.
I've also been trying to get on with a bright ripple blanket for my daughter.

It's slow going, I have made it quite wide. It takes at least 45 Min's to do a width, hence the slow going. I will persevere, it will not end up on the stig pile. Here's another pic of it,

I feel more enthusiastic about it now I see it on my blog. As soon as I finish here I'm going to crack on with it, maybe............
Oh dear, I did something terribly exciting today, more eeeks!!!!!!!!!
I've been trying really hard to clear my stig corner and I'm doing so well I decided to buy for a new project, the project is actually to take on my hols. This project is also going to be something for me. Do you know, Its my year anniversary of crocheting and I haven't made an item of clothing for myself. Always for others.
I've had my eye on the most gorgeous yarn for a while now, just waiting for the right project and today was the day.

How yummy and gorgeous is this? It's Debbie Bliss Andes, it's 65% baby alpaca and 35% mulberry silk, very luxurious. I do deserve it!!!!!!!! Honest!!!!!!! It is so soft to the touch, More eeeeeks!
I bought five skeins of it two here,

Two here, and oh dear where's the other one?
Here it is!!!!!
Well, would you have waited? I just couldn't. I can't get over the silky feeling as  I hook away and can't wait for it to grow.

This is the lovely shrug I am making, for me ;) I might with a struggle put it to one side for now and get on with the blanket.
(You may see more pics of it in my next post!!!!).
Well I'm off to play hide 'n' seek in the garden with the children before more crochet, which project will it be??!!!!!!!!??
Night, night for now.
Happy Crocheting x x x x x

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