Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Hello my loves,

I hope all you lovely Mummy's had a fab Sunday. I received lovely cards and a hand tied bunch of flowers......

I love that the Lilies are yet to open, they should last a while...

Gav cooked up a scrummy breakfast too. The day was spent relaxing and crocheting x

Well my loves, Saturday I was busy hoovering and thought I heard the door bell. Imagine my delight when Gav called up the stairs and tossed me my parcel.

If you have visited 'The little room of Rachel' blog you might know what's inside!!!
I actually spotted these on Rachel's blog and just had to have some. I don't like to miss out you know! Do you want to see what's inside?

Hooray for yummy yarn. The colours are just fantastic. I love creative cotton as you know and use it abit  a lot!! Creative cotton is an aran weight. This scrummy cotton is a DK. I haven't a clue what I'll do with it yet. If you have any ideas, drop me a line :)

If you would like to receive a colourful parcel of your own pop over to 'Planet Penny's' blog.
Now, If I was clever enough I'd pop a link in here!! I'm just not technical, sorry!! I need my pal mad Sally to pop round and give me a 'How to improve my blog' lesson!!!!!!!

This week I've finished a few projects without taking pics...doh! The lovely chunky lace scarf is finished. I also completed another order for the Mary Jane's and the blue zip purse.

A while back, I think it was before Christmas. I started a scarf using a lovely 4ply sock yarn and a Japanese pattern. At first I was going to make everyone one for Christmas. But soon realised how slow going the pattern was and with such a fine yarn. I picked it up again last week, by Saturday the scarf was complete....
The pattern is so fine and I'm so pleased I used sock yarn as it is so deliciously soft x

It has a lovely picot edge.
Japanese patterns can be tricky to read. This one wasn't so bad.

As you can see, I've pointed out where you begin. It's also indicated with a number 1. The picot edge is added at the end.

I got home quite late from work tonight. But with the happy thought that all paper work was complete and all students happy.
My lovely children were happy doing there own thing, so I made a cuppa and sat down to read this months Molly Makes....

Aaaah...bliss x x
I look forward to it every month (as well as inside Crochet).
I couldn't resist the free gift with this months, and set to it straight away..
Taaa, Daaaa :)

I bought another new crochet booklet this week. Oh dear, the book shelf is almost full!!
It was the front cover that did it. Isn't the wrap gorgeous?
And this.....

And these.....

I really must crochet some boy stuff!

Last of all I started a crochet monkey, he's half finished....

He'll look much more handsome with all of his body parts and features.

I'm off now my loves, lunch boxes to pack and tidying to do before crochet time.

Night night my loves and happy crocheting x x x

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