Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hoorah for March x x

Good evening my loves.

What a dreadful day I've had!! I was verbally abused this morning by an extremely stupid male stranger with road rage. He repeatedly punched my window whilst demanding I got out the car (I didn't!!!!!!!). I was a little annoyed and shocked as you can imagine - all for no reason of course, other than I got in front of him when merging into one lane. Male drivers, I ask you!!
Thank you to all of the kind motorists who checked I was okay and the lovely lady who gave me her details and offered to be my witness. Your kindness is most appreciated x
 Any how I spent a while in the police station this evening, reporting the incident and feel a little better. Still a bit shocked though to say the least.

I'm going to try and put it behind me now, It's ruined my day I will not let it ruin my evening :)

I flipped over my Mollie Makes calender last week to March and loved this pic 'Think Happy, Be Happy'  we can but try my loves, we can but try!

The order I've been working on over the last four weeks was finally complete, Sunday night I wrapped everything up ready to go to it's destination....
I love the wrapping up part as much as I like the crocheting part,. There's something quite satisfying about wrapping and preparing to send off some crochet goodness. And then the nerves set in...I hope they like it x x

Once the order was safely in the post (yesterday), I began another. Ready to see?........

It's the bootees, in one of my favourite colours. I'm not sure I've shared the bottoms of the bootees with you before.......

How lovely :)
I just need to stitch the buttons in place tonight. I will deliver them tomorrow.

I do have good news to share. I've finally taken the plunge and applied for public liability insurance. Which means I can apply for lots of council run craft fairs,. I've applied for a couple and will let you know if I get in. I'm also still waiting to hear from Southwell Minster. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I may be attending the Westbridgford craft market, well that just didn't happen. I was hoping to stand outside of my favourite shop 'Daisy, Daisy', but they refused me on the grounds that my stuff was a lot like theirs!! It's not, but as it's one of my favourite shops (still..I don't hold a grudge..grrr) I will take it as a compliment :)

Any how, last night I thought I'd better start getting more stock together now that the orders are complete and began.........

Another pretty purse, just like the pink one I made. Do you remember?......

Well my loves, my heads feeling foggy with stress and the thought of that stupid man wanting to throttle me. I feel the need for a strong cup of coffee and a lie down...I'm sure you guys understand :)

I've just had the most marvellous thought, it's crochet club tomorrow night. I'm seeing my pal who I've not had a good chat with for ages - we must share projects. I can't wait. That happy thought is now firmly planted at the  front of my mind and that's where it will stay x x

Night night for now my loves and happy crochet x x x

P.s Hoorah March.......It's nearly my birthday...yayyyy. I love birthdays


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