Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hoorah for the Easter hols x x

Hello my loves,

The Easter Holidays are here, and I'm so happy that they are. We are all in need of a good old rest from the daily routine. It's so lovely to wake up and think, hmm what shall we do today :)

Today has been lovely. We planned an outing with some friends to our local farm, 'Ferry Farm'.
We planned the outing last week when the sunshine was here!! It has been freezing, I still feel chilled to the bone. Isn't it funny how children just don't feel the cold.
Ferry Farm is not just a farm. It has soft play, Jumbi cars, a park, trampolines, a huge sand pit, go carts, walks around the pond, birds of prey. Honestly, the kids are entertained for hours.
 You can also buy feed for the animals, Charlie's favourite part. He loves animals....
I 'm not really an animal lover, but really wanted to take one of these home!!

These were a little smelly!!!

And this little guy looked so sad :(
Notice there's no sign of Daisy. She is a bit scared of the animals and would rather do stuff like this..

I did manage to get a pic of her here though...

All pals together, she kept her distance from the donkeys. It was a really lovely day out despite the cold :)

Day two and we're really into this holiday mode. Yesterday we went into town super early to beat the crowds. My cousin who I don't really see that often (but should) came over in the afternoon with her children Archie and Harry. It was so lovely to see her.

Tomorrow, no plans at all. Yippee!! I'm thinking pyjamas, maybe a bit of crochet. Puzzles and games with the children followed by a DVD or two, ahhh bliss x x

Last week I said I had more stuff to show you regarding my birthday. This will be the last time I mention it 'till next year, promise:)
Ok, my lovely pal Sally gave me this......

Some gorgeous Sass and Belle ribbon, with pictures of......

Owls on it yippee, I love it x Thank you Sally x

I also received some funky cards I wanted to share.....

Love the bike. A true Nottingham card from my Sister in law.

This one is sooo me, from my Mother in law. And....

This reminded me of my bike, from pals Leon and Debbie (Hooks and hoes blog spot).

It's time for me to share my crochet projects, are you ready?.......
First, the Cath cushion is complete...


Complete with vintage buttons. They finish it off nicely x x
 I love Cath, but was a little disappointed with the amount of yarn given for this project. There was nowhere near enough. I had to add a bit of my own. I don't think you can tell though.

I also completed......

The cheeky little Monkey, complete with banana.

More Mary Jane's, I just need to add the buttons.


Cute little Owls, and...

Owl keyrings.

Oh yes my loves, I finally broke in to my Planet Penny Cotton Club stash for my owl projects x

 I've also started a baby Cardigan from a pattern given to me by a lovely lady at knit 'n' natter.

I'm a little confused with the sleeves. So this will be the project I'll take with me to tomorrows K 'n' N. I will not be asking my pal Sally for help..... If you saw what happened to the arms on her attempt at this cardi you'd understand!!!! tee, hee. Sorry Sally x x x

And last of all, I've been doing a spot of baking. The non-fattening baking of course.....
I'm really pleased with these. They've turned out well. I love the twirly icing. Tricky to do at first, but I soon got bthe hang of it with lots of concentration :) I bought this pattern fron Etsy. I've just got to master the cases and think I have a plan...I'll share next week x

I feel my posts are getting longer and I've started waffling a bit!!!
I hope you don't mind? I have so much to share and get a bit excited by the crochet!!!
I also feel that this little blog will also be a great diary to share with Daisy and Charlie as they get older.
It's nearly my year anniversary of blogging, can you believe it? I can't. It's scary how time flies. I might have a party, any excuse to open a bottle of wine or two!!

Enjoy the easter break my loves, whatever your plans. We have the family coming over Sunday for dinner and wine of course. Have fun x x

Night night for now and happy crochet x x


  1. lol......hehe hope yours is better then myn looks like it is......lol....xsx see you tomorw!!

  2. Bless you, I'll help you with yours my love x x