Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back to norm x x

Good evening my loves,

I feel absolutely shattered. Two days back at work and I can't keep my head up!! Yesterday I had to have a nap after tea, deary me. I think an early night's in order x

We soooo enjoyed the Easter break, I didn't want it to end. So, Sunday afternoon we decided to finish off our hols with a bike ride. We cycled from home, all the way to Colwick lakes and back. We spent two hours cycling and just got back before the rain.

Well this week the crochet has been a bit slow going, I think it's because the project was so big.
Would you like to see?
I've  made a pal for Nellie......
Charlie named him Geoff. I love him, especially his handsome eyebrows!

I've had to stand him in a basket poor chap, he was taking so long I got a little distracted with other projects. I will finish him, promise ;o)

I've also been busy making more bootees and slippers....

I am loving the Union Jack buttons.Perfect for the Jubilee x

I have to show you the bottoms (again), they're my favourite part x

And I made these slippers to go with the others, do you remember?
Let me remind you.....

Here they are x

Next Friday I'm having a stall at one of our local schools, so I'm determined to get everything finished! I'd also like to put an edging around the bottom of the tea cosy I made. And of course I must finish Geoff and more bootees.
I've also been making more of these....

Yummy hearts in wine red. Instead of turning them into bunting, I thought I'd hang them on top of one another. I'll show you them finished next week.

Gavin took more pics of the garden this week, would you like to see....

Can you see the blue bucket near the fence? That's where Daisy and Charlies sand pit used to be. They're far too big for it now, so I've grouped my pots together there instead, it looks lovely and it's tidied up the garden.
Daisy and Charlie love playing out in the garden and at the moment we have to make the most of the nice days we have don't we. Last week I kept dashing out for the odd hour pottering about before the weather turned.

Yawwwnnnn, oh my!!
My pyjamas are calling my loves, I really must go before the lap top falls off my knee!!

I'll speak to you next week with more enthusiasm, exciting projects and recharged batteries hopefully ;)

Night night for now my loves and happy crochet x x x x

P.S knit 'n' natter crochet and chatter tomorrow night, hoorah! And hoorah for Anita and her marvellous yarn shop x


  1. Well 'Hoorah' right back at you! Thank you for that. And thanks for helping to make Crochet and Natter hilarious! Loving the blog and loving seeing my yarn transformed into amazing projects (I still think of it as my yarn even when it's been rehomed!) The photos don't do Nellie and Geoff justice - they're so cute - and HUGE!!!

  2. Geoff is so gorgeous!!! I love the expression on his face..so much fun! Matt xx