Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Baggaley Cottage Crochet x x

Hi Guys, I hope you've all had a good week so far, I have x

Saturday started out quite nice. I managed to plant 70 Tulip bulbs in between the sunshine and heavy down pours.
And while I was at it I weeded and tidied, picked up fallen apples and harvested pears.
There should be enough bulbs now, I look forward to seeing them bursting with colour in the Spring.

Well, I've managed to complete a couple of projects this week, firstly the lovely Elise shawl...
I am loving that pattern, still not sure about the colour. Would you like to see it on?....... Taaa, daaa

Not bad hey?
I also managed to finish the  cotton blooming flower cushion.....
I much prefer this one to the last, the colours look fab together and as the cotton is an Aran weight yarn the petals are much fuller.

And then I began to search the web for a new project, I searched Ravelry, Lion Brand, Blogs, Blogs of Blogs, Blogs of blogs of blogs!!!!!!!!!
Then the panic set in, how will I manage without a project! I just CAN NOT cope with out a hook in hand. And so for the time being I decided  to use up bits 'n' bobs of cotton to make colourful granny squares.....

I like them, I've not decided what to do with them yet. They might be a blanket, they might be a cushion, who knows!!

I went to bed trying to think of  a project, what could I do? Then it hit me, well it is blanket weather isn't it?
So on the way to K 'n' N , I popped in to see Anita and bought.....

Some lovely cheap 'n' cheerful yarn, £10 for 10 balls, lets see another pic.....

You know me, just couldn't wait to get started.....

And so another ripple blanket has been started, I aim to finish this within a fortnight. It will not end up on the Stig pile x

Before I go, I must tell you something really exciting. On Sunday night I finally set up my Folksy shop. I've been meaning to do it for a while. If you don't already know about Folksy it's a web site set up in the U.K purely for the selling, buying and making of crafts. It's great for quirky one off gifts and original items.Well, I put 22 of my items in my little shop, keep your fingers crossed for me. It's a little nerve racking if I'm honest I hope people like my stuff :) 
If you'd like a peak, log on to Folksy and to find me, type in the search bar in one word..
baggaleycottagecrochet       Happy browsing x

Night night for now and happy crocheting x x x

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