Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A funny old week x x

Hello my loves,

Well what a funny old week it's been.
I went into work first day back Wednesday, only to be sent home again as the boiler had broken !
So off home to crochet I went :) I felt a bit naughty to be honest. In fact, I went for a wonder around the local retail park and bumped into a colleague and she said the same thing.

It was also nice to catch up with my B.F. We don't get to see each other very often as we both work full-time and I'm in a County school and she's in a City school. So we have different school holidays sometimes.
Wednesday afternoon we had pub lunch.
Thursday I went to knit 'n' natter and then we did a spot of shopping in Southwell, followed by lunch in a lovely little cafe and then coffee and cake in the Minster cafe.(diet started Fri).
Friday I nipped round to hers for a fringe trim!!(so glamorous!).
It was fab, I also squeezed in plenty of crochet as you can imagine.
Are you ready to see some pics?

Here we go, first of all the Japanese flower blanket is finished hoorah....

I am sooo pleased with it.
I also completed an order for some heart bunting....

And of course added a little hand-made with love heart.
I also finished the little owls I was telling you about last week...
Sooo cute x       Sorry they're a bit dark, the light is terrible for taking pics tonight.
I found the free pattern on bitowhimsey, a gorgeous blog. You can find it in my blog list.

Do you remember I told you I ordered some purse clasps from etsy? Well they have arrived, yippeeee.
They weren't too expensive either, want to see? I ordered three.....
Hmmm, only two there I here you cry! Well, you should know what I'm like by now...

Isn't it lovely, well I'm very pleased with it. Shall we see another pic, or two, oh yes....

I used the lovely popcorn stitch. The pattern came from last months Inside Crochet magazine. I did have to adapt it a bit as the purse frame is a little more arched than the one in the pattern.

That reminds me, I decided to subscribe to Inside Crochet Magazine over Christmas and today my free gift came. It was a marvellous surprise as I'd forgotten I'd done it!!
Here they are....
Two new crochet hooks with spongy handles. I've not used hooks with handles before but look forward to trying them out later x

Can I just share with you some pics of the very lovely and gorgeous Creative Cotton. I promised a lady I would so that she could see the entire range of colours. Here goes....

How absolutely gorgeous. The colours are amazing. I cannot wait for the new colours to come in, six days to go and counting ;)x

I almost, forgot!! I was talking to a friend about some brooches I made way back, before I could crochet.
You see, I've always loved yarn, the colour, texture, weight. And I've always had the urge to buy it and use it in some way. I really dislike knitting, my mum taught me to knit when I was I young but I was forever getting holes. It drove me crackers. So I started french knitting and turned by worm like weaving into brooches. I also made loopy brooches.
 And then I decided I would teach myself to crochet. Not as simple as you might think!! Three long years it took, honest. I took every child's crochet book out of the library, I searched the net. Could I get the hang of it. My Mum and Dad even bought me a child's crochet kit. I was sooo frustrated. And sooo desperate to learn.
And then a weekly crochet mag came out with a DVD, I sat for hours pausing and re-winding and practising and i finally got it. Hallelujah x 
Looking at these flower brooches makes me realise just how far I've come.

They're still rather pretty though and we all have to start somewhere. They're also very popular at the craft fairs I do.

Oh dear my loves I seem to be waffling a bit tonight... Sorry. Too much coffee!!!!!!!

Off to try out the new hooks that promise extra comfort, we'll soon see!

Night night for now and happy crocheting x x x

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