Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines x x

Good afternoon my loves and Happy Valentines.

I hope you all received lovely gifts and cards.....I did :)
I'm creating  this blog early as it's half term and of course it's Valentines and I'll be busy later. Enjoying a lovely meal, cooked by Gav, can't wait x x

 I think I've mentioned a few times we're doing up our kitchen. Well Saturday I decided to clear out the cupboards and take some stuff up to the charity shop. Why is it when we buy a new set of wine glasses we save the old set .....just in case. Just in case of what I ask you!!!!! We also had a hundred pint glasses acquired from our student days!
Whilst in the charity shop I spotted this....

 marvellous 4 ply green yarn.......

Looks pretty good huh. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. Did I ever tell you green was my favourite colour?

Saturday afternoon chores done, children happy I started on these...

And by 9 o'clock had turned them into these....

Little Roses to go on an order for a tea cosy. I'm hoping to get them sewn on later.

Sunday we all felt very wary so decided on a DVD afternoon. Gav and Charlie completed Lego projects and Daisy and I sat snuggled. First we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and then Annie, singing all the way through... good job we're detached!!
  Whilst sat snuggled I made these.....

Yummy, scrummy hearts....

I love, love, love these colours together. These hearts are for a made to measure order I've received.
Would you like to see them finished?....

Sooo pleased with these and have had lot's of positive comments from pals. This is the longest string of hearts I've made. With 19 hearts in total....

Stacks of Granny and heart goodness x

Monday was Charlie's 8th Birthday, where does the time go? Gav took the day off work and we took the children........

You guessed it.
It was such great fun. I won't tell you who won...wouldn't want you to think I was bragging or anything..tee, hee x x
We followed the bowling with a meal in town for lunch. In the evening we had the family over for tea.

This week I've also been busy using up my scraps of yarn and have made this...

His name is Austin the owl. I can't actually remember where I found him! I will search through my favourites and let you know next week. He is a cutie and takes about two minutes... honest.

I re-read my blog after I'd published it last week and was slightly embarrassed by my give away, stingy or what!!! So I've added more.......

My give away is now, a titchy purse clasp, a button making kit, a Peony brooch made by moi, an apple pin cushion and four..yes four balls of creative cotton all of the new shades will be yours. All you have to do is become a follower, easy peasy.
 I'm now going to draw the winner on the 21st Feb, the 28th is too far away (and I can't wait!!).

Enjoy the rest of Valentines Day my loves.

Happy crocheting x x x x x

P.S Thank you all for your support and lovely comments, it means a lot x x
P.P.S I'm missing my crochet pal, hope your feekling better x x


  1. iam loveing the rose's they look cool...yum yum love mad sally...hehe

  2. Hi Esther.....it's Lisa from Knitworking. We now have both the internet site and facebook page up and running. links below!



    yay for the power of the internet! see you soon