Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hello my loves.

This is going to be my shortest blog ever. I'm on a new strict diet that's making me feel really yukky and I soooo need my bed.
I've been very busy this week with paper work, last night was the first night in a long time I've not picked up my hook. I think tonight may be the same :(

Over the weekend I finished the crochet order I have. The last item was......
A lovely cushion in the most wonderful colours. I've added my hand made with love heart. Do you want to see more?

Taa, Daaaa. I love it. Do you want to see the back?

How fab. One more pic, I don't like to waste them when I've taken them........
And there you have it my loves, not like me at all really. I hope I have more to share with you next week.

I'm off up the wooden hill, without coffee - boooo. The new diet is caffeine free, that might explain my headaches!!!

Good night my loves and happy crocheting x x x x

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