Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Good Things Come To Those That Wait x x

Hello my loves.

 I'm most excited this week!! You guessed it, the new colours of creative cotton are in, Hoorah, Hoorah!!

The colours are so fabulous. Would you like to see?.....
I've waited sooo long for it to arrive and went a bit bonkers with my purchase!! In fact I very nearly bought the lot! I've already started using it as you can see from the gaps in the bags.
Let's have another pic....
How absolutely scrumptious is the pink, not to mention the other colours.

I could not wait to use the pink, as you can imagine! So the first item to be created from it was this....

A lovely little purse...

The pattern came from Inside Crochet magazine, issue 7. The inner is also crocheted (forgot to take a pic of that!!).

And then I started an order for a lovely lady. The first Item is this yummy bunting...

These colours are just perfect together, I love it (I hope you do x). I've always liked the multi-coloured  granny bunting I have in my folksy shop. But now think once my kitchen is complete I may hang some in this colour x

I still have a few more items to make for this lady. I'll share more with you next week :)

I 've also completed a little mouse....

He's from a book called Amigurumi by Lan-anh Bui and Josephine Wan.

Okay my loves it's time for my give away. I'm quite excited by this, I've not had a give away before.
Up for grabs is......
A peony brooch, hand made with love by moi, a button making pack, a clasp for a titchy purse, an apple pin cushion and  a ball of my yummy pink creative cotton (if I can part with it tee hee!!).

All you have to do is be a follower. It's as easy as that! The winner will be drawn on 28th Feb so good luck my loves x

I'm off  to put on some socks, my feet are freezing!! Coffee is also required to help me stay up a while to create.

Night night for now and happy crocheting x x x x x x

P.s I've had a message on my blog from Rachel to say she was visiting my blog after seeing it in Lets Create Magazine or Let's Get Creating Magazine. Is this for real? If anyone has a copy I'd love to see it x x


  1. Yes! IT'S FOR REAL! You are featured on their 'look at these blogs page' buy the magazine if you don't believe me! Why would I lie?!

    Congratulations you non-believer!

  2. PS It's the latest Let's Get Crafting Magazine, Sainsbury and Tesco sell it. It was out at the end of Jan so sure you'll be able to get a copy. Then when you see your blog in full colour you can send me some creative cotton for doubting me! ;-p

  3. Okay, Okay!!! Still can not believe it. Will go on the hunt for the mag today x x

    1. Did you ever find a copy? If not I can scan in the page and email it for you. If it was me I HATE to miss my moment! :-)
      Comment on my blog and let me know.... x