Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A fab few days x

Hello my lovelies, I do hope I make a better job of this post!! The last kept uploading by itself, hence the spelling mistakes!!!!
Well, I had the most lovely weekend. It started with a Summer Fair Saturday at my old Infant School. It was a bit freaky walking through the doors, the last time was thirty years ago!
I love setting up my wares for fairs, do you want to see some pics?

I didn't do too badly with sales it was a busy little Fair.
My bunting proved to be popular and I have a couple of orders.

I love my Peony's, they really make a statement pinned to a jacket or coat.

I'm a sucker for hearts x x

Well today has been delightful. It started with my little boys sports day. It was suppose to be last Thursday and I was absolutely gutted as it's a day I work. Thankfully it rained, hoorah. And was re-scheduled for today, yipee. My poor little boy was wishing for rain again today, he's not really into sports but is a black belt on the  x box!!
After sports day I dashed off to Knit 'n' Natter, I love it and feel I've really missed out if I don't go. It's a lovely couple of hours to chat and share patterns with (proper tee, hee!!) friends.
I shared my baby cardi pattern with a lovely lady and she gave me a pattern for a coat hanger pattern (watch this space). That reminds me I made another of the baby cardi's. This one I am particularly pleased with as it looks rather vintage.

What do you think?
And these are the lovely ladies busy knitting, crocheting, drinking coffee and eating biscuits.....

I love Knit 'n' Natter, thank you Anita for allowing us to take over your lovely little yarn shop and providing us with coffee x
I may have a little secret to share with you next time.
Nighty night and happy crocheting x x x

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