Thursday, 6 October 2011

Helloooo x x

Hello my lovelies,

I've just sat down to write my blog, the rain is thrashing against the window and there's a chill in the air. It feels so Wintry tonight.

This week I'm only two days late with my blog, I hope I'm forgiven?

Firstly I wanted to show you two more completed cowls.......
They are both crocheted with Riot chunky, I love the grey and have put one by for myself x

Secondly the Granny squares  are coming on nicely. It's not so fun sewing in the ends mind you........

For these I'm using all my odds and ends of creative cotton. Oh, that reminds me I stocked up on more cotton but forgot to take a pic, it all looks so scrummy ;)  I'll take a pic in a mo and show you next time x

The scarf I'm making with the Japanese pattern is growing slowly but surely.....
It really is slow going!!

Oh dear, writing this blog has made me realise just how many projects I have on the go. I've just glanced over to my little corner of stash!!!?!! Deary me, the Stig pile is on the rise. I'd better have a tidy before it's spotted by the boss, tee hee!

And lastly, Ive been making gorgeous bootees......
I just never tire of making these, the buttons finish them off nicely.....

I've added a different coloured sole to a few pairs as a trial, and I really like  them.....

I also tried it with the Mary Jane's. A few more pairs and I'll be taking them to their destination :)

Well, It's been lovely chatting to you. Hopefully I'll be back to routine next week and I'll be back to blogging on Tuesdays, who knows!!!!

Night night for now and happy crocheting x x

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