Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So Much To Do, So Little Time x x

Hello my loves,
It's going to be a very quick blog tonight I'm afraid. In fact it's a miracle I've made it this far.
So much to do, so little time!

It's the gorgeous Miss Daisy's Birthday tomorrow, she's going to be ten. I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I was only in labour for 58 hours!! She was worth the wait (and pain!!).
So I have to blitz the house as the family are coming over tomorrow for a Birthday tea.

Back to last weeks blog I mentioned the leaves all over the garden....
Well this is all that's left, the wind has picked them up and drop them into someone elses garden and my borders....

It doesn't look too bad does it, except the lawn needs mowing...

And there are a few leaves on the patio. I could do with one of those garden hoovers.

We're lucky to have a tiny bit of colour left...
The petals are dropping slowly.

On to the crochet stuff. To be honest with you I've not managed a great deal. I've crocheted ten pairs of Mary Janes, five for Anita's lovely shop and five for a gift and craft fair I'm holding at school on the 17th December.

You can see them stacked in my basket, I just have to add the buttons and flowers to a few then they're done.
I also finished Sly...

I love him. I'm going to make another when I have a mo, in more boyish colours.

This weeks project has been an owl. You know how I get sometimes panicking that I don't have a project when really there are a million in my head!! Well I decided to trawl through back issues of inside crochet, my most favourite crochet magazine. And, I found this...
And well, I didn't realise how big it was going to turn out. And perhaps the reason I've not been as productive because I've been going round and round with amigurumi. Here's my half finished attempt...

She's a girl, I think she'll look a bit better with wings and feet!! And a name of course.

My last piece of news. My new crochet hooks have arrived, Hoorah. I ordered them mid October and they came through the letter box today.
I was advised by a crochet expert to get the aluminium hooks as they had more of a point at the end to get through tight pieces of crochet, here they are.....

The colours are fab. The best part was the price £2.50 and free postage and packaging from China. What a complete bargain. I'm going to try them out at crochet club tomorrow night. This week it's Christmas decorations. It doesn't seem like two minutes since last years Christmas decoration class!!

As I'm typing I can see the hoover out of the corner of my eye so know it's time to go.

Night night for now and happy crocheting my loves x x x x

P.S spell check isn't working, forgive the mistakes!!!!!

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