Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oh Happy Days x x

Good evening my lovelies,

Well I'm feeling very pleased with myself this week. I'm managing to keep on top of the college paper work and because of this I'm managing to crack on with the crochet, hoorah!!

I am feeling rather tired though. Once I start something I can't stop and I'm going to bed at stupid o'clock!!

Lots to show you tonight my loves, are you ready?

First we have the lovely Olive....
Here she is, she's rather large and took a lot of stuffing. The flower makes her look super pretty :)

This week I've also been trying to make small quick items, things that I can make lots of ready for the Christmas Craft Fair.
So here we have a cute little bag for cute little girls.....

or two.......

They really take no time at all to make. It's done in the round. You just stitch the bottom up when you're done and add a cute flower to finish it off.

And then I thought I really should create something Christmassy, it is a Christmas fair after all and so far I've only made the Christmas bunting. So here we have Rudolph...
So gorgeous, I love him. I must make a few more!! The pipe cleaner antlers and red ribbon finish him off nicely.
The pattern came from my most favourite magazine.....

Inside Crochet.

So far this week my most favourite items are my most gorgeous Rose rings...

Here's my favourite. I must say they are rather addictive and I've made lots.....

Daisy has put her order in for a ring. I'm hoping lots of other little girls like them because I love making them.

And last of all I've been adding flowers to hair bobbles, the idea came from my lovely pal Sally ;)

How cute :) Daisy has put an order in for these as well.

Lots more rings and flower bobbles to make my loves whilst I'm watching the goings on in the jungle,

so nighty night and happy crocheting x x x x

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